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About Dependable Movers Miami


Depandable Movers Miami was founded on the principle that people need to feel they can trust their relocation company. Moving is one of the most nerve-racking experiences there is. The apartment hunting, the expense, the packing, the moving, and all the small and large details that make up the relocation experience are usually enough to stress anybody out.


What Dependable Movers Miami wants is to make the relocation experience as simple as possible. Here is how we do it:


  • Dependable Movers Miami employees excel in their understanding of customer service and are determined to ensure the satisfaction of our customers with a 94% on customer satisfaction on management professionalism and courtesy.
  • The managers and crews of Depandable Movers have years of experience in their fields of occupation.
  • We have zero complaints with the Better Business Bureau.
  • We will tailor make the move according to your needs. Upon request we will fully pack and unpack for you, provide boxes and packing materials, and anything else that you need to ensure that you get the service that is right for you.
  • Dependable Movers Miami is also a long distance relocation company and will be able to relocate you to any state in the nation.
  • The majority of our clientele reach us through referrals, meaning that through word of mouth, people are telling their friends that we are the moving company to work with.



Dependable Movers offer economical prices for moves and relocations of all sizes. We are very reasonably priced and keep our professionalism and care of each piece of transported furniture at its highest level. Our relocation specialists will assist with both your moving requirements and will also be available to explain any questions you may have in relation on the move.